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The first MLH hackathon in Oklahoma!

As ACM secretary (2018) and a member of the Hacklahoma advertising and media board, I'm lucky to be part of the great student team making this event happen. (I worked on the website (GitHub 2019, 2018) quite a bit, and some other stuff.)

Thanks to all our sponsors, mentors, and attendees for making Hacklahoma 2019 awesome. Keep an eye on the website and social media for updates about next year.

Barrage Screenshot

Design copied from renders by AnneMunition.

Example audio is "After midnight kiss" by Bisou de l'enfant sauvage


An implementation of a minimal music player.

Built on Electron, with howler.js for audio and additional packages to handle metadata. I've only been working on this for a couple of days, so the code isn't yet debugged, optimized, and documented. (Please check back for a more finished version.)

Since this application does quite a bit of processing to create a real-time frequency visualization, I wouldn't recommend it for mobile devices, though it's not too heavy on desktop.

Note: This is posted on GitHub under a pseudonym so I can share it with strangers on the internet. I'm happy to confirm that the account is mine.

Screenshot of Python Python

Python Python

Play a quick game of snake from the comfort of your terminal! Made in an attempt to convince a friend to stop playing Flash snake during English class and learn Python instead.


This Javascript doodle was put together during my high school physics class, when I should have been studying. It's an inverse square vector field with respect to the mouse position. Faster than it used to be.

(Thanks to Chris for the idea!)

webgl screenshot


A 3D first person WebGL scene made with three.js, based on the controls tutorial. This is nothing special but was my first foray into three dimensional web graphics.